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Sunrise & sunset in Mitchell (SD): today

Sunrise in Mitchell (SD) today:

06:37 o'clock

Sunset in Mitchell (SD) today:

20:23 o'clock

The sunrise at Mitchell (SD) is today at 06:37 o'clock. Depending on the height of the horizon, the actual rising of the sun in Mitchell (SD) may be slightly different. The sunset in Mitchell (SD) is at 20:23 o'clock.

Informations about the sunset in Mitchell (SD)

Mitchell (SD) is geographically located at longitude 98.026282° W and latitude 43.713896° N.

Civil twilight in Mitchell (SD)

The civil twilight in Mitchell (SD) starts at 06:07 in the morning and lasts about 30 minutes - depending on time of the year and the latitude. The evening civil twilight starts today in Mitchell (SD) at 20:54.

Mitchell (SD): nautical twilight

The nautical twilight in the morning starts today in Mitchell (SD) at 05:30 o'clock. The nautical twilight happens between the civil and the astronomical twilight. In Mitchell (SD) the nautical twilight starts today at 21:31 o'clock.

Astronomical twilight in Mitchell (SD) today

The third type of twilight is the so called astronomical twilight. The astronomical twilight happens in Mitchell (SD) today at 04:49 in the morning and at 22:11 in the evening. The astronomical twilight ends when the center of the sun is 18° below the horizon. Afterwards the night in Mitchell (SD) starts, because the sun is completely set and the sky above Mitchell (SD) is completely dark. The day lasts today exactly 13,76 hours in Mitchell (SD).

Localization of Mitchell (SD):

The following coordinates get used for the calculation of the sunset- and sunrise-times of Mitchell (SD):
Geographical longitude: 98.026282° W
Geographical latitude: 43.713896° N